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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach on MOJO Yoga? 
Any yoga instructor who is 200 hour level or higher certified can teach for MOJO. 


Is teaching online for me? Not sure if you have what it takes to be an online "yogapreneur?" FIND OUT HERE



What can I teach?
You can teach whatever style of yoga is in your wheelhouse. Teach what you love, and it will show in your videos and live classes. As long as it adheres to our video guidelines, your content can be a part of MOJO Yoga. The length of recorded content you create is up to you.


What amount will my students be charged?
Students that want to practice yoga pay a monthly subscription of $9, $15, or $19 per month, depending on their plan. 1-on-1 Live Classes are a $39 add-on for members, or a $49 single purchase for non-members. Courses and Challenges are sold as an add-on also, priced at the teachers discretion.

What equipment will I need to create instructional videos? What about live classes?
A camera, microphone, video editing software, and computer or deviice to edit on. Lighting equipment may also be necassary. 
For live classes, you will just need your webcam, and sufficient space to be completely visible to your students. 

Are there any resources available for MOJO teachers?
Yes! We offer a series of handbooks and videos designed to help you get started. You can also join the MOJO Yoga Teachers Facebook page and ask us or fellow teachers any questions you may have.



How do I earn money?
Depending on what level teacher you are with MOJO you can earn money in the following ways: Through the MOJO Yoga affiliate program, you will continue to receive monthly compensation for the members you bring to MOJO Yoga for as long as they remain a paying member, by creating and selling courses, offering live one on one and or group classes. LEARN MORE

Who edits the footage I create?
You do! You are the creative force behind your own instructional videos.






How do I increase the amount of money I make through the MOJO Affiliate Program?
While we here at MOJO Yoga do promote you, the majority of memberships you gain will come from you promoting yourself. The more members who sign up through your personal page, the more money you will make. Use every outlet you have to promote your teachings. You can also sell courses and Live 1-on-1 classes to non-members.