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teaching with MOJO

MOJO Yoga was created around one very special idea:

To help yoga teachers follow their PASSION
by creating a place to work outside of the studio

Teach online, on your own time

Use MOJO Yoga as another arm of your business, or teach on MOJO full time. Create yoga videos so your students can access your teachings whenever they want, and host live group and 1-on-1 classes for more personalized interaction.  

Connect with your community

Get to know your existing students even better by connecting with them outside of the yoga studio. Using the MOJO Live Virtual Studio allows you to see and chat with your students and give them the feedback they so desire from you. 

Earn money 3 ways with MOJO

Affiliate Program
You keep 40% to 70% of the subscription fee for each member who signs up through you, recurring monthly for as long as the member is active. PLUS! Get a flat $10 payment every time you host a live group class.

Host live 1-on-1 classes
Personal classes are an add-on for students, which means they are seperate from the membership affiliate system. You keep 90% of each live one-one-one class you host. 

Get a Bonus for creating popular video
Top 10 most popular videos of the month get a bonus of up to $100. If, for example, three of your videos get in the top 10, then get paid three times! To qualify, simply (1) maintain at least 5 paying members each month OR (2) refer 2 paying teachers each month. 

Ready to get started?

Demo MOJO for Teachers

Take a walk through some of the key features and tools available to you as a MOJO Awesome Sauce level teacher!

MORE perks for MOJO teachers

Our team creates your own
personal landing page

Direct your students to your very own landing page, complete with affiliate links, so you get credit when they sign up. 


...And even MORE perks. Because, why not. 


  • Unlimited Safe Video Storage for you personal online folder.
  • Streaming your videos from our powerful host with gorgeous high quality playback on any device, and unlimited bandwidth. 
  • Organization of your course descriptions, downloadable materials, and extras into a clean, easy-to-follow course interface for your students.
  • We cover the cost of all credit card processing fees when your students sign up
  • Instructional packets on how to get started teaching online
  • Concierge support from our team members


NO HASSLE of having to build and manage your own site -
we've got the technicalities covered for you!