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Are you ready for your best year yet?

Take charge of the design of your life with the Find Your MOJO Challenge.

What's in the challenge?

The Find Your MOJO Challenge is a 31 day course that will take you on a daily journey through the techniques and tips the MOJO team and I have tried, tested, and currently use in our own lives to boost our mojo every day and shape the lifestyle of our dreams now and for the future. 

So, what’s involved in this challenge? Well, just as your ideal lifestyle, your MOJO LIFE, is a well rounded, multi-faceted gem, so too is this challenge. I'm going to guide you through a detailed program that will give you a complete tool kit to live the life of your dreams every day. Sound too good to be true? Think again. Here's exactly what we'll cover:

Day 1: Gratitude
Day 2: Your Vision
Day 3: Big Goals
Day 4: Year by Design
Day 5: Monthly Action Plans
Day 6: Start the Day Right
Day 7: Master Scheduling
Day 8: Time Management
Day 9: Tidy Up
Day 10: Create Space
Day 11: Morning Yoga
Day 12: Juicing
Day 13: Focus
Day 14: Napping
Day 15: Self-Care Prescription
Day 16: Try Something New
Day 17: Power Poses
Day 18: Evening Yoga
Day 19: Make Time To Read
Day 20: Nature
Day 21: Give Mojo
Day 22: Early to Bed/Early to Rise
Day 23: Get Inverted
Day 24: Mindful Eating
Day 25: Office Yoga Break
Day 26: Mindful Money
Day 27: Smile & Laugh
Day 28: Stealth Yoga
Day 29: Treat Yourself
Day 30: Network Networth
Day 31: High Fives

PLUS, I'll share with you in the course the tools I've created to help me tackle the biggest of these lifestyle skills. That means that in addition to over 10 hours of high-quality video content, you'll also get exclusive access to:

MOJO's Vision by Design Workbook
MOJO's Year by Design Workbook
MOJO's Schedule by Design Workbook and Resources
MOJO's Mindful Money Resources

Are you ready for all this?!

Of course you are! I’m so thrilled that you’ve chosen to create your reality and shape the lifestyle of your dreams, and I’ll be with you every step of the way in this course. 

Access is limited - email us now to get the course and start living your good life today.

Yours in mojo,
Jean Marie

What Our Students Say

"I have to give thanks to @mymojoyoga for doing what you do. I love to yoga with you online. And I love these challenges. It inspires me to think outside the box, and create change in myself... Thanks so much for helping me sail through January with new perspectives!"

- Tonia S.

"With an irregular schedule, rapidly changing body, and life ahead, I am grateful for the #findyourmojochallenge guidance into organization and focus. I expect when (the baby) arrives, much will fly out the door for a bit, but for now I'm laying down the groundwork, getting things done, reestablishing healthy habits and mindset. Today I included morning yoga with @mymojoyoga in my morning ritual as I become grounded in the master plan. I even took a short cat nap, which has been crucial in keeping me refreshed during this pregnancy. I may have to start writing it in the master plan... Thank you for sharing so many resources and your time. I have lots to incorporate. I'll be reviewing the challenge a few times for sure."

- Bailey T.