Make online yoga personalized with My MOJO Mentor!

Let's face it, doing yoga at home is hard. With no teacher right in front of us to give us feedback about our poses, we can always be wondering if we're on the right track or completely off in left field. Right?

Well, that's where My MOJO Mentor comes in to save the day!

Submit a video of you doing any pose or sequence about which you've got questions, and the MOJO team will work it's magic to give you personalized feedback on that video, just like what you see here. 

But, 1 isn't enough!

Think of all the things you'd like help with in your yoga and meditation practice. Now, think about how many classes or private lessons you'd have to go to and pay for to get help with those things. It's a lot, huh?

Well, if you want help with more than just 1 thing, MOJO's got your back! Premium monthly membership gets you

  • unlimited My MOJO Mentor sessions, PLUS
  • nlimited streaming yoga, movement, and meditation classes in our virtual studio at 

Not ready to invest in yourself with unlimited MOJO yet? We totally understand.

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