FAQ's: Teaching with MOJO Yoga


Who can teach on MOJO Yoga?

Anyone who is 200 hour level or higher certified can teach for MOJO, as long as your classes adhere to our video guidelines. 

What can I teach?

You can teach whatever style of yoga is in your wheelhouse. Teach what you love, and it will show in your videos. While we will do some promotion of you and your videos, you will also be promoting yourself to your own audience to gain memberships (i.e. through social media, existing students, retreats, word of mouth), so keep in mind creating videos that you know your personal audience will enjoy.  As long as it adheres to our video guidelines, your content can be a part of MOJO Yoga. 

How long is a typical MOJO video?

Our videos range from 5-90 minutes. The length of the videos you create is up to you, but the 30-60 minute videos typically get the most plays.

What equipment will I need to create instructional videos?

Visual and audio quality are important to us (we have the right to reject video who's quality we deem sub-par). That being said, you can still create good quality footage without spending any money on equipment (think: your smart phone and voice-over in a video editor such as iMovie). However, in general, the better your equipment (video camera or DSLR camera, microphone, lighting, etc.), the better your videos will be. 

Who edits the footage I create?

You do! You are the creative force behind your own instructional videos. 

Are there any resources available for MOJO teachers?

Yes! We offer a series of handbooks and videos designed to help you get started. You can also join the MOJO Yoga Teachers Facebook page and ask us or fellow teachers any questions you may have. 

How do I earn money?

You earn money through the MOJO Yoga affiliate program. You are compensated for each new member you bring to MOJO Yoga through your teacher page or ambassador page (40% of the membership price if you are creating video content, or 20% of the membership price if you wish to simply promote MOJO Yoga without creating video content).

You will continue to receive monthly compensation for the members you bring to MOJO Yoga for as long as they remain a paying member. (Which equates to PASSIVE INCOME for you! Woohoo!) 

How do I increase the amount money I make through the MOJO Affiliate Program?

While we here at MOJO Yoga will do some promoting for you, the majority of memberships you gain will come from you promoting yourself. The more members who sign up through your personal page, the more money you will make. This means using any outlet you can to let others know they can have access to your classes anytime, anywhere by signing up for MOJO Yoga. You can promote yourself through your personal social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) , tell your existing students at your yoga studio or retreats, or generally shout it from the rooftops. 

How do I become part of the MOJO Yoga family?

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