#FreeVideoFriday - Yoga for Runners

Hey MOJO Mob,

Ready for your free treat this week? Lisa Simmons designed this week's feature specifically for runners, but it's also a great practice for anyone who wants more open hips and hamstrings with a stronger core and more relaxed vibe. Yes, please!

Check out Lisa's Yoga for Runners free on the MOJO blog this week only, and ever after with all 400+ hours of feel-good practices in the MOJO library.


26 Minutes


Props Needed :

a block



Intermediate, Advanced



Let's stretch it out shall we? After a run we can be tight all over. We can hold tension from our runs in our neck and shoulders as well as our lower back, hips and hamstrings. Though this class is targeting to runners, it is suitable for anyone who has a tight lower body! During this practice we will send some love to each of these areas., Our breath will be strong and at the end we will be limber.