We're Evolving

You have grown along with us quite a bit in the last couple of years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for including yoga in your lives and for learning with us. Now, we’re preparing for more evolution and want to keep you updated on the changes to come. We are happy to report that Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini are moving forward to concentrate on their in-studio offerings, and will be phasing out of the online practice space in the coming weeks. We hope that yoga ushers many blessings into their lives in the future.

My team and I here in the online space are fulfilling our vision to include great teachers from all styles and systems of yoga. We already offer you, the student, a uniquely personalized and guided online practice experience, taking the guesswork out of your home practice. Our online practice space will now be an open arena for you to discover a diverse class of great yoga teachers, expand your knowledge, and grow with the freshest, most inspired approaches to home yoga practice.

We know that change can be hard, believe me. Yet, we’re so sure you’ll love our new solutions to yogafy your life that we’re giving all existing members the first month in our new evolution completely free. Simply login when we make the change and check it out. And as always, if it’s just not your cup-o-tea, you may cancel anytime.

Our vision has and always will be to make the gift of yoga more accessible to more lives on this planet. We are working hard every day to ensure that we’re constantly growing in service of that mission.

We’ll keep you up to date as we roll out every exciting new feature of our continuous evolution. As always, we want to hear from you. Click here to send us any suggestions, thoughts, or even testimonials you have for us. We thank you for walking the path with us, and look forward to getting our MOJO working together!


& the new MOJO Yoga Team