5 Years...And Counting

Read, or scroll, all the way to the end for a link to send us your Infinity Crossing story. As we wind down our time before our move to, we'd really love to hear from you. Thanks, for everything. 

Anniversaries have always been a funny thing for me. Many of the occasions I've really wanted to celebrate have somehow managed to elude placement on a definite date. I've often wound up just picking a date that sounded nice to use as my celebratory point if I really wanted an anniversary to acknowledge. After all, space and time is so relative, it's really just what we each make of it anyway, right?

Infinity Crossing fits that mold to be sure. I have no idea what the date was when we very first birthed the idea. I don't even remember the specific conversation. It just sort of always was - always a part of our conversations, our plans, and our actions. I suppose I could pin it to the day Scott and I met, but honestly, we're not too sure what date that was either. Our own anniversary is one of "those" dates, too. I suppose we're both just too busy enjoying life to be bothered with a calendar.

Oh boy, that's a lot of dates that I do know for sure! Yet, now I don't really know which to pick for Infinity Crossing's official anniversary, because they're all really important to me in different ways.  So, methinks we'll call it an anniversary quarter. After all, it's way more fun to celebrate for 3 months than for just one day, right?

So, there we have it. Infinity Crossing is 5 years old...and counting. There really is no greater anniversary present than that of carrying on. What a blessing it's been to create something that 5 years in is not only still going, but that is preparing to evolve and grow yet again. You see, I was momentarily lamenting our lack of an "anniversary party," and being instead called to put out lots of little fires and complete lots of little tasks, just like any other day. And then I realized what an amazing feat it is to have too much to do at the 5 year mark to stop and celebrate. That's the best celebration of all.

As we wind down our time here on, and pack everything up to move in to, I do have one favor to ask of you. If you have a little tidbit about how anything we've done as Infinity Crossing has impacted you, would you please share it with us? Send us your story so we can reminisce together. Here's to countless more trips around the sun learning, doing, and growing. Thanks again for making this all worthwhile.


Will You Socialize With Us?

If you already follow Infinity Crossing on social media, you'll notice some updates as we prepare to become MOJO Yoga. Some of our old Maya Yoga Online social media channels will be merging with Infinity Crossing's more established channels to create one epic bundle of MOJO Yoga magic. Heck, even some of MOJO's social channels are brand spankin' new!

Check out the links to all of MOJO's new channels to like, tweet, pin, follow, subscribe, and generally be social with us. I can't wait to see your happy shining faces, beautiful pictures, and all-encompassing status updates there! :)

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Why should you do this, you ask? Well, because all the cool kids are doing it. Duh. In all seriousness, though, you should get engaged in at least one of our social media channels (the one that frightens you the least) because that's where we'll be sharing tips daily to help you get your mojo working in your life.

Let's face it. We all need reminders to keep our lifestyles in healthy balance. Some of us only need a reminder every now and then. Others of us could really just use someone holding our hands every step of the way.

And let's face it again. I'm only one gal with the same 24 hours you have. It's going to be a minute before I figure out how to open up more time to deliver the in-depth yogafy your life goodness of the blog more than once a week. If you love the blog, if you feel it helps remind you to keep pursuing your own personal development and self actualization (see below), then you'll really love what we'll serve up to you on social media in bite-sized MOJO Moments.

Let's support each other. Let's be social together. Thanks for sharing the love of getting more MOJO in your daily life!


P.S. If you caught that big word back there "self actualization," and you liked it as much as I do, then either you're a huge nerd or you took Psych 101 in college...or both. For your weekly edutainment and a refresher on why self actualization is so monumentally important (and why I live to work on it for myself and help you do that, too), check out this TED Radio Hour Podcast on Maslow's Human Needs. 

Listen to the Ted Radio Hour - Maslow's Human Needs

You Have The Power

Our first class of MOJO teachers is starting to shape up, and I can't wait to introduce them to you!

I've been working hard lately to build our starting MOJO lineup. I've had to conquer my own icky fears of rejection by sending out hopeful messages to my friends, teachers I know, and introducing myself and my mission to teachers I don't know personally but who have wonderful teachings just waiting to be discovered by more students. It's been scary, exhilarating, and, like any personal challenge duly faced, rewarding.

So, now that I've broken through my own barriers and gotten the ball rolling, I'd like to get your two cents.

Have a favorite teacher you'd just love to see teaching online? Cast your votes!

MOJO Yoga's uniquely personalized online practice space is the perfect place for your favorite teacher to get discovered and share their special brand of MOJO with more students.

So, if you have someone you'd love to see sharing some MOJO online, let us know who they are, or share our teacher program information with them.

You have the power to shape the online practice space of your dreams. Make your voice heard!



This is a super, duper, infinitely special announcement and a major milestone for us at Infinity Crossing.

Infinity Crossing is turning 5 years old soon, on April 27th. And it's time. We're evolving.

In fact so much evolution abounds here around me, that I feel like I've never felt before in my life. Exhilarated. Liberated. Open. Pumped. Golden. Thrilled. peace.

This evolution has been in the making for some time now, and I've had to embark upon a bit of a hibernation while I put many of the key pieces in place. I've been so eager to tell you all about it, but I couldn't quite yet. And then had to wait a bit longer, and then longer still. Then, wait some more...

But, now, it's time to shout it from the rooftops.

We are becoming MOJO Yoga.

It makes so much sense that I can't believe it's taken us this long to get here.

MOJO is a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be highly effective and successful. MOJO is what we do. It's what we work on for ourselves constantly, and what we're always working to share with you. Lifestyle First. Yogafy Your Life. It's all about MOJO.

So, we're moving Maya Yoga back into the studio, and transforming the unique platform we've built for personalized and guided online yoga into a hub for the freshest, most inspired teachers to share their MOJO with you.

You'll see a lot more of me on the site (including plenty of yoga videos!) and you'll get to see more of my core team, too. They've all been hiding behind the scenes supporting me for so long while I worked up the courage to take this big leap. I think it's time for them to do some shining, too.

As you've likely guessed, the Infinity Crossing website will move into MOJO. I suppose you could say Infinity Crossing is going to infinity and beyond. Don't worry, ALL of the blog will move into MOJO (you have no idea how much work that's taking!), so you'll still be able to get the brain food you're used to. And yes, you'll still get a weekly dose of musings, just under a name that's easier to say.

Now, I'm going to be hustling out a lot of changes in the coming weeks on the websites and social media, so stay tuned to this blog for the low down. I'll do my best to post updates here as they're ready for you. Contributions of coffee, chocolate, surf reports, and massages to keep me balanced will be most welcome... :)

Thank you for being on this journey with me, some of you since the very beginning. I'm so grateful for where we are, and so excited for what is yet to come. Let's get our MOJO working!