You Have The Power

Our first class of MOJO teachers is starting to shape up, and I can't wait to introduce them to you!

I've been working hard lately to build our starting MOJO lineup. I've had to conquer my own icky fears of rejection by sending out hopeful messages to my friends, teachers I know, and introducing myself and my mission to teachers I don't know personally but who have wonderful teachings just waiting to be discovered by more students. It's been scary, exhilarating, and, like any personal challenge duly faced, rewarding.

So, now that I've broken through my own barriers and gotten the ball rolling, I'd like to get your two cents.

Have a favorite teacher you'd just love to see teaching online? Cast your votes!

MOJO Yoga's uniquely personalized online practice space is the perfect place for your favorite teacher to get discovered and share their special brand of MOJO with more students.

So, if you have someone you'd love to see sharing some MOJO online, let us know who they are, or share our teacher program information with them.

You have the power to shape the online practice space of your dreams. Make your voice heard!