#FreeVideoFriday - Rest and Recovery Day

Hey MOJO Mob!

If life has you feeling a little rough around the edges, or just plain worn out, this week's #FreeVideoFriday will hit the reset button on the nose. Sara Crawford's Rest and Recovery Day invites us to take a nice full break from the rest of the world and dive in to a well-rounded practice to rejuvenate body and spirit. 

It's designed for CrossFitters and athletes, but every body will benefit from this recovery practice. So set aside some quality time this weekend for some much-deserved self care with this video.

It's free for one week right here on the blog, and thereafter it's always available on any device for MOJO Members. Enjoy!

1 Hour, 25 Minutes
Props Needed:
1 block optional
This practice is perfect for your rest or recovery day. This practice will give you postures and tools to loosen up your hips and shoulders as well as some restorative postures to relax those tight and tired muscles. Use this practice for recovery as well as to improve range of motion and mobility in your CrossFit movements.