#FreeVideoFriday - Pump It Louder

Hey MOJO Mob! We hope you're pumped for the weekend ahead, and that you'll be taking a moment to enter our MOJO Mentor Sweepstakes. You get free top-notch coaching on a pose of your choice from yours truly, Jean Marie, AND you're automatically entered to win one of 3 fan-freaking-tastic prizes, including a full year of MOJO Membership. Holy cat/cow for real! Check out the details on the blog.

To help you get even more pumped for the weekend and get inspired to send us a clip of your own, our #FreeVideoFriday gift for you is Allison Rote's Pump It Louder. This quick, challenging practice set on a beautiful beach in Maui will certainly brighten up any day and get your energy pumping. Enjoy!


14 Minutes

Props Needed
2 Blocks

Intermediate, Advanced

Pump up your energy with this quick yet challenging practice with Allison. Whether you're in a hurry in the morning, or need a quick pick-me-up yoga break, this practice will invigorate you with a sequence targeting strength in our arms, core, and legs, along with openness in our hips and shoulders. Allison's sweet encouragement might even help you break new ground in your practice. Enjoy!