No Matter What

Our balance is constantly assailed by the wily winds of life all around us. My most recent gust blew me about 4000 miles east of my perch on some rocks in the Pacific. It supplanted me on the ever-rising, ever-expanding rocks of the east coast of the United States amid very familiar, yet always a little changed characters. The 11 day journey was filled with sights and chatter, flavors and events, but not so much of my usual lifestyle. I didn't do any challenging yoga sessions, not one sweaty workout, not one dance with the waves, had more than one not so healthy snack, and not once went to sleep before midnight. I missed my mega daily mojo sources dearly, but there simply wasn't time for it all. Sound familiar? %22Whatever we focus on is bound toIt's times like these when we tend to fall off the balance bandwagon completely. And I've done that more than a few times. It can be a real downer to know that in order to get our mojo working again, we'll have to start all over...again. But, if we can look at it through the lens of what we learn through our practice of things like yoga, we can look at these times in the larger picture, rather than letting ourselves get bogged down in tunnel vision. We know that life swings through the spectrum of possibilities like a pendulum. We know that just as our ups don't last, neither do our downs. Sometimes the wind howls, and others it's dead calm. And the more we begin to recognize these larger patterns in our lives, the more we can start to exert some directional force on the pendulum and keep it more balanced in the center, less wild and errant.

So, instead of falling completely off my balance bandwagon this time, I was prepared. I knew there were some things I just wasn't going to be able to do: workouts, long yoga sessions, and surfing among them. So I let them go. I knew that trying to stay attached to getting those things in would lead to suffering because I knew from past experiences on these trips that they just - don't - happen. But, there were some things I could take with me, some anchors that would be quick, discreet, and require very little to no equipment or space. Maybe I'm wrong, but who wants a houseguest who insists on taking up your living room to do some yoga and squats for a while? Oh, and can we just have some steamed veggies for dinner and go to bed at 9pm? Maybe some of my hosts would have been happy to do those things, but they may also have been very happy to see this weirdo leave, too.

Mastering Yourself is True PowerThus, I packed with me my special sneaky daily mojo tools. The MOJO library and my meditation app fit conveniently in my smart phone. 10-15 minutes of that each morning combined with my Five Minute Journal were very easy to accomplish right after waking up, often without anyone noticing. Then, there was my super sneaky social media yoga challenge activity that tricked just about everyone I visited into doing at least one yoga pose with me every day...some of them got hooked and did more than one pose!

And lastly I packed the most important mojo tool of them all: my state of mind. Neither airplanes packed with crying babies, nor sugar overdose spins, nor jet lag from hell could get me down. That cool, calm state of mind is a posture that we take on after some time of consistent, dedicated effort to making ourselves better each day. It is yoga, and its byproduct all at once. And when we get that mojo state of mind, we can stay aware of life's big picture and grateful for every facet of it, even when we get knocked a bit off balance. From that mindset arises security in the knowledge not only that we can start over again and again, but that we will. We will keep moving forward, keep improving, and keep growing, no matter what.

So, I challenge you this week to take a little personal inventory. How many sneaky implements of mojo do you have in your daily repertoire currently that you could take with you in good times and in bad? If you don't have any, don't worry. Everything I mentioned above is easy to take on for yourself. Just clickΒ one to start. The only exception of course being that mojo state of mind. I'm afraid you have to build that one up over time all of your own determination. Fortunately, we'll be here working on it right alongside you. Let's get back to working our mojo!