#FreeVideoFriday - Morning Ritual (4 Part Purification Pranayama)

Hey y'all, it's #FreeVideoFriday time again! In keeping with our focus this week on our goal setting and achievement practices, I offer up for your viewing and practicing pleasure a free peek at something that's absolutely vital to staying focused and clear as we work on our goals: a morning ritual. That's why we love, love, love Sara Crawford's Morning Ritual - 4 Part Purification Pranayama. Check it out for yourself for free this week only, and thereafter it's available 24/7 on myMOJO.tv for members only. Enjoy!

About this practice: 

25 min

Props Needed: 
Block (optional) 
Bolster (optional) 
Blanket (optional) 


In this video you will learn 4 pranayamas for purifying the body and mind and increase your internal flow of Prana. The four pranayamas introduced in this video are: nadi sodhana, kapalbhati, agnisara and ashwini mudra.