MOJO's Summer Reading List

Did anyone else besides me love summer reading lists on breaks from school? Ok, maybe I didn’t always like every item on the lists, but I think I more so loved the fact that I had all this free time when school was not in session to read at a leisurely pace the items on my list, and then some. There’s just nothing like lazing around on a hot afternoon with an icy beverage and a good book. Am I right? Thus it is in this spirit that I revive the old summer reading list template and infuse it with some MOJO. I’ll be dousing these books with a healthy dose of sand, sun, dirt, snacks, and lemonades over the course of my summer. I hope you’ll join me in this good old fashioned lazy day literacy. If you have your own summer reading list, share it with us in the comments below. The minds that MOJO together, grow together!

Click on any of the covers to check out the book and add it to your collection:

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