MOJO Yoga's Next Evolution

“We are creatures who can dream of perfection, and it is this dream that inspires one to improve. It is this dream that ignites the effort needed to transform.” - BKS Iyengar

Hey MOJO Mob,

We’ve been journeying together with MOJO Yoga for a little over a year now, and some of us for much longer still, on other platforms or even in-person. I can speak for the entire team behind MOJO when I say that we’re so deeply grateful for you, your support, and your desire to make your world a better place through yoga. 

Yet, it’s never been about yoga alone. Rather, it’s been about yoga as a seed, as a critical part, of a thriving, vibrant, healthy lifestyle. If you’ve paid attention, you’ve noticed along the way that our big vision here at MOJO is and has always been to help all of us make wellbeing a way of life and to be our best selves in every way possible, every day. 

Sometimes, being our best selves involves hard decisions. In order to grow, evolve, and transform we must at times let go of the old to embody the new. 

MOJO is at just such a pivotal moment. We feel the strong pull of our bigger vision to create a diverse wellness platform that nurtures all-encompassing, holistic health, and that can be a seamless, integrated part of our daily lives. We have a lot of work to do to make it happen. Therefore, in order to most effectively direct our energies towards and best serve that bigger vision, we will be transitioning MOJO Yoga out of its current subscription service as of July 5, 2017. 

As we see it, MOJO Yoga is entering into a metaphorical Savasana, which in yogic practice is arguably the most important pose. We do this to work towards a rebirth. Because while Savasana represents a death, it also represents new life.

MOJO Yoga’s free content on the blog, podcast, and social media will remain available and will serve as an incubation space for what will become MOJO Thrive, the holistic online wellness community we dream of and will be working hard behind the scenes to bring to fruition.  

Our goal is to provide an online place where anyone can find a way to create positive change in their lives, however big or small. We are so excited to better serve you, and can’t wait for this next stage of MOJO. Please stay tuned to for more details and to continue along this journey of transformation with us.  


“The moment you say, 'I have got it,’ you have lost everything you had. As soon as something comes, you have to go one step further. Then there is evolution… So let me do what I cannot do, not what i can do. You have always to do a little bit more than you think you can, in quality and in quantity. This what leads ultimately to beauty and greatness.” - BKS Iyengar

Some answers to logistical questions you might have...

1) Don’t worry, all active memberships will receive a prorated refund for the time remaining, along with our humblest thanks for your support and our hopes for your continued collaboration as we bring you new lessons, practices, and content on a path of consistent growth.

2) If you're a teacher and would like to continue to offer content (videos, articles, etc.) to the MOJO audience during this transitional period, please email Jean Marie ( letting us know how you’d like to participate.

3) If you're a current teacher and need any assistance retrieving any video files from your folder, email Jean Marie (

Any other questions? Ask Jean Marie at, you guessed it,