#FreeVideoFriday - Meditation to Relieve Anxiety

Hey MOJO Mob,

Sadly, anxiety abounds these days in the US, and it's safe to say in much of the rest of the world. For many it's acutely heightened by political tensions and uncertainty in the moment. For others of us, it's just a daily struggle. Fortunately for all of us, we do have the refuge of meditation and yoga to help us take care of the one thing over which we do have a chance at exercising some control in this world: our state of mind. 

So, find some refuge on this #FreeVideoFriday with Kassandra Reinhardt's Meditation to Relieve Anxiety.

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13 Minutes

Props Needed: 
Sit on a cushion, a blanket or a block if you’d like. 


This is a short meditation to get your grounded and in tune with the sensations in your body to reduce anxiety. We use breath work and mantra to help ease stress and relax. Great for beginners, short and sweet!