Embrace the Semicolon


The semicolon is what some call “the most feared punctuation on earth.” (theoatmeal.com) Our guest on The MOJO Show this week challenges all of us not only to never fear this grammatical demon, but instead embrace the semicolon, for there is always more to write in the book of our lives. Our very special guest host on The MOJO Show this week is Jasmine Judson, the founder of the brand new Afterglow Yoga Studio in Maui. She sits in with Jean Marie (Scott will be back next week!) for an enlightening conversation about manifestation through practical action, finding work-life balance, the highs and lows of starting your own business, and how to always keep putting your lifestyle first. This feature is a must-listen, so please check it out on the podcast player above or on your iTunes or Stitcher app if you’re on the go.

If you’re on Maui or plan to be on Maui, you’ll be interested to know that we’ve teamed up with Jasmine and her studio to offer a premium all-inclusive membership that encompasses unlimited classes in the Afterglow Yoga Studio and unlimited online yoga with MOJO Yoga for just $75/monthly. That’s right, if you’d like to take just 5 yoga classes a month this membership is a great deal for you. With Afterglow + MOJO, you always have a way to keep your yoga practice alive, and keep your mojo working.

Click this link to the Afterglow + MOJO Membership page for more details and to get yours while it lasts at this generous price.

*Uh-oh, this free video of the week expired! Enjoy this MOJO Yoga Preview of our Meditation to Relieve Anxiety practice, or try the full practice for free in your first 30 days, along with over 100 hours of high quality yoga and movement practices to help you get your mojo working anywhere, anytime.