Episode 67 - Gamma Breath with Rohi Custage

If you love breath work and if you love feeling great, you want to tune in to this episode of The MOJO Show featuring special guest Rohi Custage! 

She's one of the newest instructors in the MOJO community and she's a specialist in the practice of Gamma Breath. This transformative breath work practice targets gamma brain waves. What is gamma?  Gamma state is defined as a brain state where experience, knowledge and wisdom swirl around and form new ideas - the "ah-ha" experience, if you will.

Rohi helps us understand and familiarize ourselves with this practice by leading us through 2 separate exercises right on the podcast. And I'll tell you, they totally changed the way I felt in the 1-2 minutes it took to do them. Tune in to try them yourself and see what I mean. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Watch the Video Podcast:

or Listen to the Audio Podcast:

Rohi is now teaching weekly LIVE classes on MOJO! Join us on Thursdays at 11am EST for LIVE Gamma Breath class online on mymojoyoga.com. LIVE interactive classes are included in MOJO Membership, and bring the studio experience to you wherever you are. You and Rohi can see and hear each other, along with everyone else in class! Check out a preview of last week's replay below, and be sure to join us this week, Thursday at 11am!