Inspiration in Every Day with Tara Rudolph

Hey MOJO Mob,

We're baaaack! That's right, after a brief hiatus to work our butts off and recover from a ridiculously long "big push," The MOJO Show is back online! This episode is an interview we recorded at the end of our time in Honolulu, with special guest Tara Rudolf. 

Tara is the founder of, and also happens to be one of the newest additions to the MOJO Yoga international teacher community!

Tara is relentlessly optimistic and has some serious words of wisdom for all of us, along with her own story of rising up from adversity. So take some time to get to know Tara here and find some inspiration from her contagious spirit of optimism.

Let's get in to the show...

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And a special guest blog from Tara:

~~ g r a t i t u d e   &   c o m p a s s i o n

… the beautiful souls who have been flowing and sharing space with me these past few weeks in Hana, Hawaii has surfaced every cell of compassion and gratitude present in my being. How lovely it truly is to be surrounded by others strength, positivity and light in this simple yet intriguing, back-to-the-earth community. It has felt heart-warming coming to Hana and feeling the rhythms of life here. Within the first week, feeling heightened connection to the environment’s thick and rich tropical plantation. There is deeply rooted nature and sense of community that has me feeling right at home amongst it all. Spending time breathing in the hibiscus flowers and beautiful plants growing all around, and venturing by bicycle through the winding roads and across small bridges into town — it is a blessing to be welcomed into this space by open hearts and to connect with fascinating individuals who are living paths of simplicity, peace and unwavering compassion. 

While it’s all felt like a beautiful jungle town dream, the next chapter has come in divine timing — to venture to Iquitos, Peru and plug into the depths of the Amazon forest while sharing love and heart infused energy with beautiful souls passing through Kambohuasca Lodge. <3 To be called to these beautiful corners of the world, in which serenity, peace and transformation is readily accessible and fingertips away, I am so so blessed. There is readiness to access deeper levels of consciousness and mind-body connection through a path of stillness, nature, community, and yoga. There is so much out there in the world to explore and I feel the calling of my heart taking me on a path of growth. To feel at peace and to continue to share this experience with others is a calling. Truly embracing the fullness of the present moment and all the possible realities surfacing in this cosmic experience. Please join me on my journey of sharing love, peace and compassion with others … I’ll be story timing and sharing pictures through instagram @tararudolf.

Many blessings and hugs to you as we evolve as a human collective.

Love fully always,

your blissful yogi, Tara   ~~

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