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This week we have a special guest posting from Kelsey Struble. She is an avid yogi who began her practice at home, and prefers to keep it that way. Maybe some of you readers can relate? We'd love to hear why (or if?) you like to practice at home, so share your thoughts in the comment section below.  And now, Kelsey's musings...

***You approach your mat, your head a flurry. You take mountain pose, or....whatever it's called. You rest there breathing, in-out, in-out, in-out (do I do another in-out, or was that enough?) in-out. You bend forward, feeling the pull in your hamstrings - the tightness reminds you of the tension that plagues your body. You reach your hands to the floor only to find they just barely touch, you wish you could bend further, you wish to stretch the ache from your legs. You move to downward dog because you "know" that one. You want to forget your stress and wash away the day, but...(I wish I knew what I was supposed to do after I? No. Like this? No, that can't be right). You come out of downward dog, light headed a bit confused, and pick up your smartphone. Google: Beginner's yoga sequence. Showing results for beginner's yoga sequence. (Yeah, that's what I meant). ***

I've been this person, I've stood and laid on my mat trying to figure out my next move. After a long day of work, I'd just want to release the whirlwind swirling in my brain. I'd get home, arrive at the top of my mat...only to find I was lost.

Thankfully, anyone who's stuck it out and dove into yoga at home knows this phase goes away. We become more encouraged and confident as we progress. However, it's inevitable we will have taught ourselves to do something incorrectly. We will have most likely spent our precious time trying to work out our kinks utilizing Google, that really pretty girl on Instagram, or Yoga for Dummies. Yes, I actually have that book.

I've never had a bad experience with a group yoga class. In fact, I'd never been to a class prior to practicing at home. I've always just felt more comfortable in my own space. I also tend to be slightly awkward, so the less others have to experience that, the better. Even having been to a couple yoga classes since then, I still feel strongly about furthering my practice within my own four walls.

It's not my calling to sell things, and its certainly not my place to tell someone what will or will not work for them, but I do love yoga and believe everyone can benefit from it. Unfortunately, I think most people's first experience of yoga is either that of a nose in the air, feeling inferior or feeling as though they don't fit in, therefore they don't practice. I can confidently tell you, yoga doesn't have a cookie cutter. It's universal, welcoming, and versatile. Much like life, yoga teaches us that we must start somewhere, that as we grow we become stronger and more resilient. It reinforces that we will fail, but we will also succeed.

In all things we wish to excel in, we want them to be done correctly. Your yoga practice should be no different. Although I have no regrets in my practice, I do wish I'd had someone to correct my postures. I think I would have seen the benefits sooner. Injuries are also common without modifications. I've found myself at a chiropractor more than once due to inexperience, and at that point it's obvious I would have rather spent my money on a yoga teacher.

MOJO Yoga is the perfect representation of me and my practice. It embodies everything about the world of yoga I love. They give you the tools, expertise and support of a traditional yoga class in the comfort of your home. It doesn't get any better than that! Okay, the only way it could be better is if they offered a free glass of wine after each video.

I can't get you a free glass of wine but I can promise the collaboration of MOJO and their teachers will ensure you and your practice are better each and everyday. Remember, we all have to start somewhere - why not here?

Kelsey Struble is a freelance writer and creator of Ramblings of a Norwegian Woman, a personal blog where she shares - among other things - her love for her small town in Minnesota, and moments with her adorable dog, Rousey.

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