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We are happy to report that since we first published this post, we received far more responses to our survey than we had ever hoped to receive. THANK YOU! Thank you so much for helping us create the best online resource out there so we can all get more mojo working in our daily lives.

The original survey is now closed. However, if you still want to share your thoughts with us, just click here to take a short survey. As a "thank you" for taking some time to help us improve, we'll send you a promo code for a bonus discount on MOJO Membership, to be used for yourself or someone you love who could really use a little yoga at their fingertips. 

Thank you again, MOJO Mob. Y'all keep that mojo working!

~ Jean Marie

On to the original post...

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Hey MOJO Mob! 

If you've been following along with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you already know that our little online yoga company has recently been strapped to a metaphorical rocket ship, thanks to Blue Startups accepting us into a business accelerator program. And, if you happen to take a gander at our podcast this week, you'll see that we're not recording from our usual space.  In fact, we're in a high rise building that looks onto downtown Honolulu. 

Can you spot Team MOJO?

Can you spot Team MOJO?

What does all of this mean? Blue Startups (a top 20 Accelerator in the US according to TechCrunch) is essentially a business incubator - a place where itty bitty businesses with really big ideas are given the resources they need to potentially (fingers crossed!) grow large enough to compete in the global market. 

So, MOJO Yoga, along with 7 other startups, will be working our arses off for the next 14 weeks, evolving and improving our business to better serve all of you. 

This is where you come in. We need your help. MOJO Yoga aspires to become your hands-down-favorite-website-ever, but in order to do that, we need your input. It’s our very important homework we’ve been assigned this week, and we want to get an A+++.

Pretty please (with a big fat cherry on top) sign up to take our survey so we can better understand your yoga needs. 

As a "Thank You" from MOJO, we’ll give you a Promo Code for 75% off our subscription price for 3 months if you're a new member. 75% off?! Yes, you read that right. Let’s take a second to do a little math on that:

75% off of our monthly subscription price of $16.99 is $4.24

That’s the price of a latte at Starbucks. Now that is the best deal we will ever give, so be sure to sign up for the survey by Tuesday, November 1st so you don’t miss out!

Enter your information below so we know how to contact you.  We promise not to take up too much of your time. Unless you're feeling especially chatty, most conversations will last less than 10 minutes. Or if you prefer to just fill out a quick survey online click here. (Note: The original survey is now closed. If you would still like to share your thoughts with us, please see the link at the top of this post in the Update section for a rolling survey link.)

Thank you in advance for your participation!


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