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Ever feel like you’re lost in the minutiae of day-to-day living? Are you overrun with to-do’s but have no idea where all those do’s are taking you? Me, too.

That’s why I started a visioning practice: to clarify my vision for my life and my big Why, infusing my to-do’s with inspiration and purpose. I want to share this practice with you this week, along with a Visioning Meditation below, to perhaps help spark some motivation for you in these dog days of summer. (Keep reading to get a free meditation this week!) 

Is visioning some kind of weird psychic thing?

Oh we could be so lucky. Actually, visioning is the development of a dream, plan, or set of goals for the future, and is a critical foundation for all of our lifestyle design pursuits. We can only create a map for our journey in this life if we find a vista from which to survey the landscape ahead!

Is it like visualization?

While visioning certainly involves visualization techniques, there is a key difference here in the terms. Visualization encompasses any technique for creating clear images of a certain act, state, or goal that one would like to accomplish. Visualization can involve a number of techniques from meditation or mental imagery, to external creation in the form of artwork, diagrams, or written word. In other words, visualization is an expression of an idea.

Visioning, on the other hand, is the source of the idea. In the context of designing the lifestyle of our dreams, visioning is the process of allowing ourselves to get in touch with our ultimate vision for our lives. Visioning is a deeply personal process, and involves some simple meditation and quiet time. It’s vital that we create the space for ourselves to sit quietly, open our minds to the possibilities, and discern the path that feels most vibrant for us.

What is my big Why?

Your vision for your life centers upon your big “Why?”, meaning the reason why you get up out of bed every day, the reason you keep on living this life no matter what. Often, our initial reaction to the question, “What is your big Why?” turns up answers that don’t go deep enough. 

We have to move beyond the day-to-day surface activities and obligations with which our minds are usually occupied, and into our passions, our sense of purpose, and our deep desires. This peeling back of the layers of our minds comes through meditation, and that’s where we begin.

Guided Practice

I know, it sounds like we’re jumping into the deep end right off the bat. But never fear! I’ll guide you through an example of this simple meditation right here in our free video of the week, from the Find Your MOJO Challenge


When you’re finished, jot some things down here. Writing down details of your “Why?” and your ultimate vision for your life help you solidify the thoughts, clarify the details, and serve as a reminder that you can visit and modify regularly.

And if you’re ready to take your visioning practice deeper, grab our Design Tools Bundle that includes our full Vision by Design workbook, in addition to our Year by Design, Schedule by Design, and Mindful Money Resources tools to help you take your lifestyle design practice full-on.


Of course, if you’re ready to double down on the lifestyle of your dreams today, I’ll help you with even more in-depth guidance on this lifestyle design journey in the Find Your MOJO Challenge.

The most important thing to remember as you work on your visioning practice is this: have fun! Don’t worry if this seems like a difficult or cheesy process, if you run into vision blocks, or if your vision changes. Your big vision for your life is a dynamic thing that should grow and evolve along with you. Simply visit these exercises often, and watch as they become easier and your vision more complete with time and practice!


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