Love Your Yoga Pants, Save Your Goals

We all love our yoga pants, that much is pretty clear. But, we’re not going to get too far in our fancy pants if our attention span stops at the seams. 

That’s right friends, this week we’re diving into our mid-year goals review, plus taking a look at the current state of Yoga in America. And I must say, there were surprises in both for me. Let’s hope all our surprises are all pleasant!

However, before we delve into our data, I want to introduce to you yet another new teacher on the MOJO Yoga scene this week. Meet Amy Byrd! 

Amy is a Maui-based Yoga instructor.  Before Maui, Amy lived in Wilmington, NC, where she opened Paradise Yoga and taught Hatha and Kundalini yoga. 

Amy became RYT 200 Certified by YogaWorks, Inc in July, 2009. She also completed her KRI Level I Certification in Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh, India with Gurmukh, founder of Golden Bridge Yoga in Santa Monica and New York, in February, 2015  Amy is also Yoga for Golfers certified by Katherine Roberts and Pre/Post-Natal Yoga Certified. 

"ROK YOGA The Movement" is her creative offering of the profound technology of Kundalini Yoga with a fun "get on up" vibe. Amy is all about movement and meditation challenges to improve your flow of energy with just a few minutes of daily practice.

So, here’s a preview of Amy’s first MOJO offering: a quick Meditations for Healing practice. MOJO Members, head straight over to the full practice by clicking here.

Now to our fancy pants and our goals…

Earlier this year, the beloved Yoga Alliance and even more beloved Yoga Journal released a brand spankin’ new Yoga in America study. If you’re chilling in full attention span theater today, take some time to check out the full study here. If you prefer pictures, Seattle Yoga News produced a nice Cliff’s Notes type version here.  

For our purposes, though, I’ve pulled out a couple of the more salient bits of information.  First off, the last time we saw one of these studies was back in 2012, and I thought the numbers were pretty large and in charge back then. In fact, as someone with a relatively new presence in the yoga industry at the time, I worried that perhaps interest in yoga had peaked or was close to it. “Nay,” respondents of the latest study say. Rather than a plateau, we see a sharp rise from 20.4 million to 36.7 million practitioners in the last four years in the U.S. Not only that, but another 80 million claim to be likely to try yoga in the next year. It only takes 20% of those following through with that goal to see a similar spike in practitioners in the next four years. Holy cat/cow, indeed.

We also see very clearly that yogis like to practice at home, with 81% reporting practice outside the studio in the last 12 months. It’s sort of a “Duh” type of revelation, because we all always talk about our home practice. I mean, that’s one of the biggest reasons we do what we do here at MOJO: to be your automated guru when you want to get your yoga on at home. Our home practice is arguably where the greatest parts of our personal growth will happen, given the personal discipline, creativity, and consistency involved in a regular home practice. Still, occasionally I have to wonder, “Does anyone else really do much yoga at home?” It’s very comforting to see such a large number of yogis self-reporting that practice doesn’t just happen in class. 

Lastly, yogis spend a lot on their yoga. It’s something of a no brainer once you get hooked on yoga: you naturally want to invest in yourself and this thing that makes you feel so good. And it’s no surprise that yogis invest the most in instruction. Yet, what does surprise me is that #2 category of spending: clothing. Our pants and tops and who knows what else handily beat what we spent on handy dandy props, tools, and equipment. Call me hopeless, call me fashion-less, but I would hope that we would at least invest a little more in the things that help us do yoga, rather than the things that cover our naughty bits while we go about it (or at least we pray they do). Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love my newest shiny pair of yoga pants just as much as the next yogini. But, seriously, do our threads do a full 30% better job at helping us grow and advance than our tools and equipment? From where this girl stands, they’d need to in order to warrant a $1billion discrepancy in investment. 

This brings me to the big point of the week. We all have goals, things we want to accomplish, like more flexibility, more strength, less stress, or greater health. It’s probably safe to say that we all have at least cursory plans for fulfilling those goals, like trying yoga or doing more yoga. That much is clear from this one study alone. Yet, how much do we actually do to carry out those plans and realize those goals, like investing in the equipment and the space in our homes to make yoga more convenient to do rather than filling our drawers with Lulu’s?

It’s a perennial problem for people-kind, the universal answer for which I’m still searching. So much of making our daily activities match up with the pursuit of our goals lies inside of ourselves: motivation, assumptions, ability to see and analyze ourselves, focus, determination, grit, etc. And these personal tendencies are really what something like our yoga practice helps us constantly transform and improve. Do you know what else helps us achieve our goals?

Keeping track of them! And not just our goals, but we should also regularly check in with our plans and actions that we think will help us get from point A to the promised land of point Z. I’ve written at length before, and even espoused in video about the abounding utility of an active goal setting and tracking practice. (If you missed those, check out the goldmine of past articles here. Be sure to grab your free copy of a Year By Design 2016 Edition in one of those posts if you don’t already have one. This will catch you up to speed!) So, for those of you familiar with this subject, let’s skip the convincing/motivational speeches here and get straight to the goods. 

It’s time for our mid-year goals review…eek! Some of you might be thinking, “How did that happen?” While others of you are thinking, “Heck yeah, I’m killing it!” Well, we’ll see how on point those self evaluation skills are in mere moments, friends. I present to you your Mid-Year Goals Review tool, absolutamente gratis (that means free en Español)!

FREE Download Of Your Mid-Year Goals Review


Once you download, you’ll see that this goals review not only helps us analyze how we did during the previous quarter, but also helps us compare the 1st quarter to the 2nd to give us an idea of our growth or, gasp, decline in progress. Lastly, of course, we once again take the lesson we learn from all this data and revise our plans for the future accordingly. 

So, take a little time out of your morning ritual or even your next yoga time to spruce up your goals and make them just as spiffy as your latest pair of yoga pants! 

And if after all this you feel like you’re totally lost in this whole goal setting and action planning arena, I’m sharing with you not one, but 2 free videos this week that’ll help get you right on track, plus the aforementioned Year By Design workbook you’ll need to follow along. These are Days 4 and 5 of The Find Your MOJO Challenge, respectively about Your Year By Design and Your Monthly Goals. Watch these for free this week only. Happy designing!


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Because men in yoga pants should get just as much attention as women do.

Because men in yoga pants should get just as much attention as women do.

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Meet the voice of The MOJO Show!