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It seems nearly everything in the universe has its cycles of beginning, peak, and passing away into a new form to begin once again. Plants, animals, people, galaxies, and even energy dynamically cycle in this way. That's exactly what we're doing here at MOJO as we shed some old skin to enter a brand new phase with fresh energy and a shiny new look!

Now, as many of you read in our teaser update prior to launch, these changes are the result of collecting feedback from you, the MOJO user over the past year and developing some wish lists of our own here at MOJO HQ. We've worked to implement what we saw to be the most important changes, and these center around creating greater ease of use for you, MOJO Members and the MOJO Mob on the front end of MOJO Yoga. We always strive to make yoga and lifestyle design easier for all of us to have as part of our daily lives. And we hope you'll agree that the all new MOJO does exactly that for you. 

So, without further ado, let's have a peek around, shall we? Is The VIP Member Space!


First and most exciting, we have an all new exclusive premium practice space for MOJO Members at! MOJO Members, you told us that you wanted a cleaner, easier to navigate online practice space, and that you wanted more of a sense of exclusivity from the MOJO space that's open to the general public. So we put up a "velvet rope" if you will, and created a VIP online practice area that's for Members only. 

You'll see that it's a total change from your old MOJO Member Home Page. Now, you've got a clean, easier to navigate layout that clearly shows you all the options you could ever want for your home practice within one convenient screen on login. Each time you come to practice your mojo, you can browse:

  • the newest videos,
  • your needs and interests via our teachers, styles, levels, and duration collections, 
  • or get in-depth guidance and consistent motivation with our 30-day challenges and 7-day courses.

Now get this: you can access all of this with our nifty password-less login... Say whaaaat? That's right, to keep your account extra secure, you'll sign in via a button sent to your email inbox. Your account remembers your login for quite some time, so there's less hassle remembering passwords, and your account has an added layer of security. It's a new way to look at logins that's a win-win!

What's more, for the ultra-dedicated among you, our 30-day challenges and the entire premium MOJO library are now available to own! With these options, your one-time purchase includes both streaming access and downloads of every video in your collection for offline use and forever practice. Even better than that, if you choose to own the full MOJO library, you'll have ongoing access to new videos as they're added to Holy cat/cow!

There's so much more that's new for you to discover over at, including a Members forum and site wide search, but I will highlight just one more thing here. For those of you who wonder if there's an app for that, there is! You can now find all of your subscription content and purchases on the free VHX app. Just download it and take your yoga to go-go. Of course, is fully responsive and perfectly easy to use on your mobile internet browser. We just want to make sure we're serving you app-philes out there, too. 

The best part about all of this? It's on sale! For a limited time you can get your MOJO Membership through our Summer Sale for just $9.99/month. That's half off the regular price, and far less than what just one class in a studio will cost you. And even better than that, we've expanded our free trial to give you your first month of MOJO on the house.

What more could I possibly say? We want you to get your MOJO working every day, and there simply won't be a better time than now to say "Yes!" to yourself and your MOJO life. If you're not already a MOJO Member, now is the time to join the happy train... Is MOJO Mob Headquarters

Now, if you're not quite ready to invest in yourself with premium MOJO, we get it. Sometimes you just want to test the waters with your toe before diving in. That's why we provide an ocean full of free enlightening knowledge here at week in and week out.

In addition to all the wonderful free weekly features we always offer you here at MOJO we have a brand new baby that we think you'll love: The MOJO Store is here! Check it out for:

  • our exclusive new clothing line (YES!),
  • our recommended yoga props and tools, and
  • our favorite books that we know you'll love in your library, too. 

And of course, we've made your experience reading, listening, and watching at so much more beautiful and infinitely easier with our brand new look here! We're especially proud of how fresh and clean the MOJO Blog is now. You immediately get a glimpse of the newest posts, along with a beautiful display of the latest in our Life, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Eats categories for a well-rounded education. Plus, if you have something in particular you'd like to find, just click on the handy-dandy search bar to uncover that which you seek. 

Whether you're partial to the illuminating blogs, the featured peek at premium MOJO videos, or the jubilant irreverence of The MOJO Show podcast, there's something for every body, mind, and spirit in what we call the MOJO Mob, a.k.a. the free MOJO community at large. Of course, is always here for you to peruse and discover new things or things long forgotten. But, when you join the MOJO Mob, you get a nifty little package full of the newest free MOJO delivered to your inbox when it's hot off the presses! Being part of the MOJO Mob is always free and you may unsubscribe at anytime. That means you have tons (seriously, tons!) of knowledge to gain and nothing to lose. So, if you don't already receive our weekly newsletter, just click the button below to join the MOJO Mob and stay in the know.

Phew! I know this is a lot of newness to digest, so please, take your time perusing the all new MOJO here at and in the VIP section at to get your mojo working in a whole new way. Tell us what you think! Holler at us below with your questions, comments, and (hopefully not) derogatory remarks. We hope you love the new MOJO as much as we do.

Now, go get your MOJO working with the newest video to kick us off over at Kassandra Reinhardt's 5 Minute Core! Still not a Member? Check out the preview...

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Meet The New Voice Of The MOJO Show:
Miss Mary Grant!

Become one of Miss Mary's MOJO Members to get your online yoga working, support Miss Mary's gorgeous voice work, and support The MOJO Show all at once...

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