Meditation Station: Focus

It can really be damn hard to stay focused, especially when we have a big vision with lots of accompanying goals and things to do every single day. No matter what our direction in life, we can easily become so overwhelmed with things that we have to do and want to do, that we might even forget momentarily what it’s like to be in a state of focus. This sort of multitasking existence leads us to touching upon many things, yes, but never truly giving any one thing our full attention.

Of course, when we can’t give something our full attention, we’re doing it and ourselves a disservice. This doesn’t just apply to tasks, either. Think about the last time you really gave someone in your life your full, undivided attention… Did you have to think harder than you expected on that one? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

That’s why this week I challenge us all to work on our focus. Naturally, the best tool we have to work on our focus is our yoga, meditation, and in particular our breath. Our breath just so happens to be a highly effective, yet simple, free tool that we always have available to us to help bring our scattered mind back to focus in the face of endless distraction. So, for our free video of the week, I’m offering you all a wonderful meditation to try as you focus on sharpening your focus anytime you notice that your attention is being pulled all over the place. This is a featured practice in the Find Your MOJO Challenge, so if you like this one, you definitely want to take on the full challenge, too! In the meantime, enjoy this meditation for free this week only right here:



Finally, for those of you who want to turn up your focus a few notches more, take it to the mat with our featured premium video of the week for MOJO Members only: Sara Crawford’s Plank Challenge Practice. This one demands your focused attention to find your center and maintain your strength within. So, MOJO Members, just login to see this one at the top of your Member Home Page this week. And of course, if you’re not a MOJO Member yet, check out this preview and start your MOJO Membership today to get the rest of this superb spinal practice.


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