Spotlight On Comfy Seats

“Find a comfortable seat.”

It’s one of the first things we often hear in a yoga class or video, right before we dive into some form of introspection, breath work, or meditation. Raise your hand if this makes you say, “Aw, crrrrap.”

If your hand is up, trust me, you’re in good company. Whether we’re yoga practitioners and/or teachers we can all be so eager to get to the “fun” stuff in yoga asana practice (Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana, anyone?) that we’ll blow right through the foundational stuff, gritting our teeth through the pain and frustration of simple challenges unsolved.

However, we all know in our hearts that in order to make solid progress we must rise from a solid foundation. So, it’s in this light that I’m resurrecting a long-forgotten series this week I call “Spotlight On” that serves to shed some light on specific techniques of our practice, be it on the mat or off. This is our shtula to sukshma work: moving from the more obvious, superficial layers of practicing to the more subtle and refined over time. It’s the natural progression of dedicated, consistent work, and something we must never neglect. This is ultimately what makes us masters of our practice and our mojo!

So, if the phrase, “find a comfortable seat” makes you shudder, watch these tutorials on two of the most common seats taken on our mats: Sukhasana (simple cross-legs) and Virasana (hero’s pose). And if you feel like you’re way beyond these poses, before you charge into your yoga and life challenges this week, remember that it’s always wise to take some time to double check your foundations on the regular. That way we can keep confidently building the skyscraper of our personal progress higher and higher, knowing that our foundations are unshakeable.


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I hope those tutorials help makes your seats more comfy this week and beyond. If you have more questions about these two poses, I’d love to hear from you. Just type your questions in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to help.

Now, for those of you who want to keep building on your solid foundations, we have a brand new, super challenging practice in the MOJO Member Space this week. Our resident ass-kicker, Sara Crawford dares us to scale new heights in her Beast Mode Yoga practice! This is one video you’ll all be coming back to over and over again to push the limits of what you think is possible in your practice. So, MOJO Members, just login to see this one at the top of your Member Home Page this week. And of course, if you’re not a MOJO Member yet, check out this preview. It’ll have you frothing to start your MOJO Membership today!


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