How Did You Do? (1st Quarter Review!)

Spring has sprung and plenty of mojo is in the air. I’m betting that you, like me, have plenty of spring cleaning projects on your mind. And, like it or not, the coming of spring also means that the first quarter of the year is pretty much in the books, calling on us to pause and reflect for a moment. After all, just as you might do that big spring (or other seasonal) cleaning, go to the doctor for a periodic check-up, or even take your car in for a tune-up, it’s ever so wise to do a lifestyle design and goals check-in on the regular. And that’s just what I’m going to help you do this week!

But, before we get to that, we need our dose of yoga to keep our heads on straight! So let’s get a bit of practice in with our free video of the week: Allison’s Goodbye Monday Blues sequence to help us keep our positive mindset as we pursue our goals, or even help us keep going if we find we’re not making much progress. Ally helps us remember that every simple action we take ultimately adds up to very beautiful things. Check it out.


*Uh-oh, this free video of the week expired! Enjoy this MOJO Yoga Preview, or try the full practice for free in your first 30 days, along with over 100 hours of high quality yoga and movement practices to help you get your mojo working anywhere, anytime. 


Ahh, now that we’ve banished our blues, let’s get to this business of our 1st quarter review. Now, I’m assuming that many of you are already working with some form of goals for yourself. But, I know that some of you still aren't on the goals train, or perhaps you hopped on, only to fall right off and bump your head, causing you to forget what it was exactly that you were trying to do. Don’t worry. I’ve fallen off the train plenty of times, too. We just have to learn how to hold on, and that only comes from experience. So, in case you haven’t tried setting goals for yourself, or you need some help getting started again, here once more is our free Year by Design Workbook to get you going in the direction you’ve always dreamed your life could go!

Download Your Year By Design 2016 Workbook


And if you want more help with the why’s and how’s of lifestyle design and goal setting, you’ve got to check out  The Find Your MOJO Challenge. That’s all I’ll say about that.


Now, let’s to reviewing those goals of ours! I’ve totally revamped the quarterly review template for you this year, and I must say I’m really proud of this one. I really enjoyed doing this new format for my own goals, and I think you’ll love it, too. This kind of assessment will help us all see more clearly how effective our goal setting and action plan designs are, and smooth out the path that lies ahead. So, I’ll leave you to it. Go ahead and download the free 1st Quarter Review below. Be sure to listen to the new episode of The MOJO Show above for more about this process, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Download Your 1st Quarter Review Template

And finally, you’ll notice that we wrap up our 1st Quarter Review with a visit back to our long-term vision and goals. This is of course beyond the scope of the Year by Design, and is part of the in-depth work we do in The Find Your MOJO Challenge. So, if you’re interested in dreaming a little bigger than the calendar year, check out this preview of our featured members-only video this week: Long-Term Goals and Vision Boarding. So, MOJO Members, just login to find this one at the top of your Member Home Page this week, and be sure to check out the challenge to get your Vision by Design Workbook. If you’re not a Member yet, check out this preview and get the full challenge, along with 24/7 access to the rest of the MOJO Member Library, for free in your first 30 days as a MOJO Member.

Well, that’s quite enough for one week, don’t you think? Happy designing, goal setting, action planning, and reviewing, MOJO Mob. This year has been action-packed for us already, and we hope yours has been productive, too. Let’s keep charging ahead together smarter than ever!

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