Find Your MOJO Challenge Day 29: Treat Yourself

This week, we bring you another super special treat in the form of a free peek into the Find Your MOJO Challenge!

We hope you enjoy doing today's challenge. And if you do, come join us for the full course, which you can start and work on anytime, at your own pace! There are 2 ways to join:

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That’s kind of a no-brainer, right? Also, participate with us daily on Instagram or Facebook to be eligible to win the fan-freaking-tastic prizes our lovely sponsors are offering. Join in before January 31 to be eligible, and every post earns you an entry. Just be sure to include #findyourmojochallenge and tag us @mymojoyoga so we see your posts. Good luck!

Now, let’s treat ourselves today... because we deserve it, damnit!

You Have Definitely Earned It!

  1. Watch the video above for some inspiration for today's challenge: to spend some time by yourself, for yourself that's a special treat just for you.

  2. Treat yourself!
  3. Share with us on Instagram or Facebook what you're doing today to give yourself a special treat.

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