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Perhaps you’re feeling like you’ve eaten a bit too much over the holidays? So have we. Those pies are just so good, though! Well, never fear, MOJO Mob, because Complete Core is here as your free video of the week to help you reawaken some of your long-lost core strength and head into the new year free of extra baggage from the old. Enjoy this practice for free this week on the blog! Thereafter, you’ll find it in the MOJO Member Space, along with the rest of our ever-growing library of practices (over 100 hours!) to help you keep your mojo working anywhere, anytime. Enjoy! 

Special Note: We’ll be back on January 1st, 2016 for the launch of a new “Year by Design” and Day 1 of the Find Your MOJO Challenge! Tune in then, and have a safe, joyous, and mojo-filled New Year celebration!

As the calendar year 2015 comes to close, we pause to reflect…on how the hell this year went by so fast! Well, at least that’s what I’m thinking. While each year seems to fly by faster than the next, we can feel like we’re struggling just to keep pace and accomplish something, anything that we set out to do in a reasonable space of time. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we started the practicing lifestyle design in our own lives: so we could take some conscious control over the shape of our lives, and start living the lifestyle of our dreams rather than muddling through life as it’s handed to us. And I know that many of you are here with us on the track of the MOJO Life because you want the same thing. So, this was the first year that we took you with us on our practice of lifestyle design, and in particular walked with you through one of the most crucial exercises we do to help us move forward: Year by Design (click here for the original post). We hope that you’ve at least tried out this practice of setting measurable goals on a monthly basis to improve ourselves and our lives, plus designing the actionable steps it will take to see those goals through to fruition. If you did, it’s now time to conduct our own annual review: how exciting! If you didn’t, it’s still time to conduct your own annual review, because there’s simply no better time than right now to start taking some conscious control over the shape of our lives. “But, ‘annual review’ sounds like corporate bullshit,” you protest. Well, then, angry young padawan, might we consider that many corporations are always magically moving themselves forward, enduring ups and downs in the short term, yes, but enjoying a long term picture that shows overall growth and advancement? That’s because said corporations set goals, take action, and review the results, only to repeat that process endlessly. We here at MOJO think we can all enjoy a long term picture that reflects growth, not just corporations. So, let’s get busy and do our own annual review! Are you ready for this? If you answered “Yes!!!” then you’ll be extra stoked to know that we’ve taken some of the pain out of your annual review by creating a free PDF guide for you with our top 2 personal review methods: one detailed, one quick. Yes, we know, you’re welcome. You can download that by clicking this link:

Year by Design | Annual Review Guide

Print this guide, pour yourself a nice cup of non-dairy almond nog, grab a tin of gluten-free cookies, light some incense, and marvel at what a master of your universe you are! At least, that’s how I always envision my annual review evening. I usually save this for a special New Year’s Eve activity, too, as it really helps me clearly tie a bow on this old year and ring in the new with a clean slate…and a view to how I want to do better this next trip around the sun. So, set up your own annual review ambiance and let us know how it goes for you in the comments below. What were your top accomplishments? How could you have done better in the areas where you slacked? Did you adorn your annual review with crunchy hippie accoutrements like I do, or did you rock out with some Led Zeppelin, bourbon, and cheesecake? Be sure to listen to this episode of The MOJO Show for our top accomplishments and epic failures. We’re spectacularly stoked to close out this year and begin so fresh and so clean-clean in a brand new year with all of you. Tune back in on January 1st, 2016 for the launch of a new Year by Design and Day 1 of the Find Your MOJO Challenge!

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Meet Jen Fry!

Here's a bit about our newest MOJO team member and this week's special guest on The MOJO Show, Jen Fry, along with how to get in touch with her. We're so stoked to have her on the team, and know she'll help us, our teachers, and all of you in the MOJO Mob move forward in leaps and bounds in the new year to come. Welcome, Jen!

Jen is a long-time friend and collaborator who has been with us since the beginning silently cheering us on. Jen has a diverse background and will surely bring her experience to the team. She obtained her bachelors degree in fine art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While in Chicago she worked with several independent photographers and spent 2 years interning for Chicago Public Art Group, a non profit that dedicates its time to uniting artist and communities together through creating public art. She has spent the last few years earning her chops in business management out in the field as the General Manager of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Maui, a multi-million dollar/year location owned by Landry's. Jen brings us a high standard of excellence, exquisite business acumen, a wealth of experience implementing and developing systems, and most importantly, a masterful touch in team building.

You can reach Jen by email at

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