The 12 Ways of MOJO

Our holiday gift to you, MOJO Mob, is a free practice bonanza this week at MOJO! So read on and find some support from all of our teachers to help you keep your mojo working through your harried holiday hurrahs. Happy Holidays to all who celebrate, and to those who don’t, celebrate these extra gifts from us for no reason at all!

For all their festive merriment, the holidays can sneakily steal away our source of inner peace before we know it. Fighting to maintain a consistent yoga practice and the MOJO Life that springs from it can be a death match in which the brawny holidays are heavy favorites for the win. So, to ever root for the underdog, we present to you our 12 Ways of MOJO: our top 12 struggles with keeping our mojo alive during the holiday season, some of our top antidotes, and a free video feature for each one from us to you for extra support this week…


*Uh-oh, these free videos of the week expired!

Enjoy these MOJO Yoga Previews, or try the full practice for free in your first 30 days, along with over 100 hours of high quality yoga and movement practices to help you get your mojo working anywhere, anytime. 


1. Taking Care of Everyone Else

The holidays put a laser-pointed focus on taking care of others. While that’s a beautiful thing, we tend to forget that in order to be our best for those who need us, we have to take care of ourselves first. Squeeze in a few quick rounds of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) to replenish your energy and maintain some flexibility and strength in between rounds of heavy sitting in the car, at the table, and in the house.


2. Late Night Festivities

A late night does not an early morning make! Holiday parties can be a blast, but can also blow apart your morning health and happiness routine. When your routine gets obliterated, take the opportunity to spice up your practice by trying something new. Maybe you can take a quick office yoga break midday, or do some hip openers on the living room floor during family movie night. You might just find that your yoga fits in some surprising places.


3. Food Comas

Ever take your food-baby to yoga, anyone? Overindulgence can make our practices sluggish, if not squash them altogether. Next time you feel compelled to undo that top button of your jeans, try a few minutes in Supta Virasana (Reclined Hero’s Pose) supported by bolsters. It will help ease your digestion and restore your energy all at once.


4. Travel Turbulence

Forgot to pack your yoga with you on your trip? Hectic schedules and unfamiliar surroundings can leave you too distracted to practice. Put your focus to the test by finding a few moments to be still in a crowd of people or do your yoga in a strange place. It can be profoundly satisfying to snag a moment of zen in the midst of a bustling airport or hotel!

5. Fatigue

Family, travel, parties, and overeating take a toll on your energy levels. A single, simple restorative pose like Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall Pose) for 5-10 minutes can go a long way towards rejuvenating your spirits.

6. No Money, More Problems

All the spending we do on our family and friends through the holidays can leave us with a stressed, thin wallet. We might feel the need to cut back on our normal activities, like going to yoga classes. It’s a perfect time to challenge yourself to turn on your home yoga practice, and explore the yoga that’s truly just for you. In fact, it’s pretty easy to squeeze in a quickie before heading off to work or festivities, which will definitely get you out the door on the right foot, plus keep your practice (and your mojo) alive!

7. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Cozy comforters lull us into sleeping late and skipping yoga time. When it feels far too cold to get out of bed, you can warm up some of your body’s major joints and gently crank your engine to get started with your day without even getting out of bed. Just do our handy Marma Points sequence before your feet ever hit the floor!


8. There Is Simply Not Enough Time

Add the holiday festivities to your regular schedule and it can feel like there simply isn’tenough time in the day to get your “om” on. Here’s where you get the chance to be creative! A bit of pranayama before you fall sleep at night, seated hip openers while you shop online, or a little Parsvottanasana in the kitchen while you prepare delicious meals are just some of the infinite possibilities for weaving yoga into the fabric of your life.


9. OMG, I Totally Forgot!

Hectic schedules mean things get forgotten, and yoga can definitely be one of the first to fall through the cracks. As soon as we notice ourselves feeling frantic, it’s precisely the time to slow….down. Slowing down in the face of a wave of busyness will help us ensure we keep ourselves healthy, focused, and frankly, reasonable. When it feels like all the things just can’t wait, they most definitely can. It can feel really hard to put things on hold to take care of yourself, but you will be much better at doing all those things after you've replenished and refreshed you. Try a Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) practice to really revitalize your mojo from the inside out.


10. Got The Blues

Sometimes we experience the opposite of joy and cheer during the holidays, which can dampen our desire to do even our normal activities. If the holidays get you down, remember that practicing yoga for one hour, three times a week has been demonstrated to improve mood and decrease anxiety. (Medical Daily) A little dose of beautiful scenery, like in Allison’s blues-busting practice here, goes a long way, too!


11. The House Is Packed

Holiday decorations and visiting family taking up all your usual yoga space? Try some restorative practices or simple yogic breathing in bed in the morning and at night to bookend your day with serenity. You’ll feel all the saner for it.


12. Family Madness

We love them, but our families can definitely bring up emotional stresses during holiday gatherings. It’s said that Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, thought of our relationships with our families as one of the highest forms of yoga. When you feel the stress of familial relations start to bubble up, flip the switch on that thought and take the opportunity to practice your best yoga: pause, take a deep breath, and enjoy the experience of being human.

Well, MOJO Mob, we hope you’ve found some help surviving the holiday madness with this free video free-for-all! These practices are available for free this week as our gift to you, and thereafter are ever a part of our MOJO Member Space. So, if you found a handy mojo boost in any of these practices, we hope you’ll consider taking good care of yourself with the gift of unlimited access to our ever-growing library of over 100 hours of MOJO this holiday season and into the new year.

Regardless of whether you celebrate the holiday season or not, the team here at MOJO and I wish you all days filled with good company, pure joy, and inner peace.

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