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In this video Sara will guide you through how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), tapping for balancing out your subtle energy pathways within the meridian system. EFT can be used for anything within your life that is causing a disturbance in your peace, whether it be physical, emotional, or performance related, EFT can help. You will learn the basics of how EFT works and how to do it. This skill is wonderful for clearing up any negativity or imbalances within your life, and is a great universal healing tool to add to your yoga toolbox.This is a great practice to help you get to know our featured guest this week on The MOJO Show and Blog, Sara Crawford. Practice this exercise with us here on the blog for free this week, and ever after you’ll have it in the MOJO Member Space.

Get to know yet another of our inspiring Ambassadors of MOJO this week in our conversation with Sara Crawford. What’s more, we’re yet again bringing you into our world with a video podcast to accompany our usual audio! We hope this helps you get to know Sara, and us, a little better and maybe even brings you more into the conversation. Join the chat in the comments below. Enjoy the show!




About Yoga with Sara:

Born and raised in Wyoming, Sara grew up with the nurturing love of the mountains and prairies.  She was a competitive gymnast and dancer.

After her career as a gymnast ended, Sara became a self-proclaimed “gymrat” to fill her need for athletics, and soon began the sport of CrossFit. This led Sara to embark upon  a search for how to train and use the human body in ways that support optimal, functional movement and mobility. She is now a Level 1 coach and Mobility WOD certified.

Vowing to never be "one of those yoga people”, no one was as surprised as Sara herself when she took up yoga and pursued a teacher training after a year of classes.  She has presently completed two teacher trainings, and is now very proud to be “one of those yoga people”.

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