Make Space

This week’s Free Video of the Week, our Marma Points for Flexibility practice, will help us make space for greater flexibility in the body, which will hopefully invite more space into the mind! 

On to the blog…

Alright, we’ve cleaned house and cleared up our big visions and goals for the rest of this year so we can end this year with more of our MOJO Life at hand than we’ve ever had before. But, now that we have all this stuff in mind we want to do, and much of it every day at that, how do we begin to prioritize things so we can actually do what we dream of in our daily lives? The answer is simple, though the execution may be challenging to say the least: we make space. By that I mean we must make physical space in our homes and anywhere else we frequent that both reminds us to do the things we love, and facilitates the activity itself. Well, that sounds like a big old furniture rearranging party, then, and perhaps too big a chore to take on at once, doesn’t it? So, like we did with our other goals, we’ll work backwards to the starting block and build from there. And since you in the MOJO Mob know that a little yoga every day is the seed from which all the rest of our MOJO Life sprouts, it’s only natural that we start with our yoga space.


So, I have to ask: what’s your yoga space like? Here I mean the physical space you’ve carved out of your home just for yoga. Do you even have one?

It’s an all-too-often overlooked aspect of developing and maintaining a yoga practice: the personal space. Yet, I think I can safely say that yoga didn’t really start to set firm roots in my life until I made space for it in my home. For a while I thought yoga needed a studio that someone else maintained. Then, I thought I could get some yoga stuff and pile it in my closet, and surely remember to get it out on a regular basis. Finally, I just couldn’t do without a yoga room in my house.

It seems so obvious now, looking back on it. Each of those stages perfectly reflected my attitude towards the practice, my relationship with it, and how much I was willing to embrace it. When yoga needed a space that someone else set up and maintained and asked me to visit, I definitely needed outside motivation to do the practice at all. I just didn’t know it or understand it enough yet to invite it to hang out in my life after class. We were just getting to know each other, yoga and I. Then, as we got to know each other better, I felt good about inviting yoga into my house, but only on occasion. That is, until I finally had to admit that I was totally in love with yoga and we should absolutely be living together.

As our relationship with yoga grows, we can’t help but make space for it in our home and in every aspect of our lives. Yet, no matter where you are in that spectrum of yoga love, you will certainly accelerate your progress when you make the space for it. And that space need not be much larger than your mat, but it does need to be clean, tidy, uncluttered, and only populated by things that are special to you or that otherwise help you cultivate a sense of "sacred space." Reserving a place for yoga in your home is an outward manifestation of what you are attempting to do internally. By preparing a peaceful and clear space around you, the mind can more easily settle into a similar state. That’s when our growth can break through the surface, find the light, and become exponential.

Just remember, though, it doesn’t stop there. Yoga is so much more than what you do on the mat. Don’t let your yoga get stuck in the box of your yoga room. Let yoga make space inside of you for serenity in all your other relationships, too: with your family, your friends, and especially with yourself. What could be more important for the rest of your life?

I’ll leave you with my tips for making space for your MOJO at home.  Until next time MOJO Mob…


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