Dos and Don’ts for When You Are In a Funk

Author: Meredith Cameron
MOJO Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire
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My inspiration has been low lately. Really low. I can’t seem to muster up any sort of excitement or find anything that really gets my excitement elevated.

I am fully aware that I am at a crossroads that could be either a deep, dark spiral or a simple “blah” phase in my life. It’s important to keep yourself engaged and not hide under the covers when you have phases like these.

And let me tell you, we all have moments like these.

Here is my list of dos and don’ts for those funky times:

Do: Take care of yourself. Although, lately, I literally have to force myself to make a healthy breakfast and not reach for the chocolate chip cookies, I know it is so damn important to put good things in my body especially when I am feeling off. Not sure what to put in your body because you feel that uninspired? I understand. I search social media for easy, convenient meals that are healthy.

Don’t: Speaking of searching for something on the internet, get off of social media. It can be a shit hole. There is a social media fine line; the one where it is beneficial and educational, where you learn about what’s going on in the world, you find some yummy recipes and you build your own business. But then there is a side where you are addicted by how many likes you receive, how many followers you have and concerned with everyone else’s business but your own. Get off of social media if you feel in the dumps. It drains your energy. It’s absolutely not beneficial.

Do: Get outside. Get back to nature. We are usually looking for anything to make us feel good (hence, the chocolate chip cookies in the morning).  Nothing is more natural for us than to smell the outdoor air, listen to the birds or the water or the trees rustle in the wind. Put your toes in the grass. Ever notice that when you finally do get outside, go camping, get to the beach, whatever it is, that you feel a sense of surrender? Yes, your body craves that all of the time. We are just too busy in our heads to recognize that.

Don’t: Isolate yourself. I totally want to. Right now. Be aware that it’s not the best thing. If anything, be upfront with your friends and invite them over to your place but let them know that you might have pajamas on and all you want to do is watch a movie. Social support is necessary in times like these.

Do: Move your body. Just walk to the end of your street. Stretch it out. Once you start moving, your body will naturally want to move more.

Don’t: Start arguments. Just because you feel bad, doesn’t mean the others around you have to also. The fair thing to do is be honest and let those around you know that you need your space and you need a hug.

Do: Meditate. Or, take time away to breathe for three minutes of your day. Focus on what you appreciate. Focus on clearing the mind and finding silence. Listen to what your body is telling you. Focus on what is working for you in your life. There are so many beautiful things all around us.  

Most importantly, remember that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. These periods of funk are normal. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The more you can accept that, the more you will find ease in your process of moving through the thick part of life. We are all human. Never feel bad for being a bit off. We must appreciate sadness, anger, grief, fatigue, and funk to appreciate their opposites. If we were always happy and carefree, how would we learn  more about ourselves and how to navigate through life? Breathe. You’ve got this.


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