The 3rd Day of MOJO

On the 3rd day of MOJO my true love gave to Forward Motion with Meredith!

Forward we go, because that’s the direction life moves. It’s normal to want to stay in our cozy comfort zones, however, it’s very necessary to open up those places and spaces where we might be putting limitations on ourselves.

You’ll be keeping chest and throat areas efficient and true to who you are, as those areas relate to our heart, our lungs, love, and speaking up for ourselves.
30 minutes of practice to gain clarity and space for your day.

Unwrap and enjoy this practice free for the next 24 hours!

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Unwrap the 4th Day of MOJO (December 16, 2016)...

35 Minutes
Props Needed:
2 blocks
1 blanket (or 1 block/1 blanket)