The 2nd Day of MOJO

On the 2nd day of MOJO my true love gave to Twists with Kassandra!

Twists are a wonderfully detoxifying practice, and perfect to help us recover from those times when we might overindulge during the holiday season (Because even yogis gotta have some of that holiday cheer, right?).

Unwrap and enjoy this practice free for the next 24 hours!

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Unwrap the 3rd Day of MOJO (December 15, 2016)...

25 min
Props Needed: 
Blocks (optional)


This class is all about twists! I love to do twists when I'm feeling low on energy or lethargic. Whether you're looking for a great morning yoga class or just need to move at mid-day when you start to feel a little low, this class is sure to do the trick! Twists are poses that rotate the spine and also compress and decompress the internal organs. It stimulates blood flow and digestion to help you feel renewed and re-energized! This is an intermediate practice and I am not using any props, but you might want to have a block close by just in case.