You know by now that I'm sort of addicted to working on myself all the time. I'm constantly working on some project, either tiny or grand, that somehow or some way hopefully makes me better than I was the day before. That doesn't mean I'm always skipping down the yellow brick road with unicorns and rainbows. Nuh-uh. In fact, I'd venture to say it's one of the hardest, gnarliest, down-and-dirty paths I could've chosen because frankly, it's tough to deal with our own $h!t.

I don't know what it is that drives me to this oh-so-wonderful torture of relentless personal development. It certainly doesn't keep my armpits dry. The best guess I can venture at is that I'm a junkie for challenge and achievement. I've always charged head-on at challenges, even and especially when they scare me. I just love the prospect of achieving something new for myself. To me, it's truly the joie de vivre.

Yet, when we dive headlong into things like learning a new skill/craft, or adopting yoga as an approach to life, or setting goals with actions to achieve them, or trying to make our own business work, (all long haul, lifetime prospects) it gets tricky to stay motivated and persistent in our efforts. This is because lifelong pursuits, the things that makes us who we are, don't have a finish line and a medal ceremony to tell you whether you succeeded or not. We all want that gold star of success when we start out. But, for the most important things we undertake, success is a quality, a part of the process, not a qualitative reward at the end.

So, as we work through our own definitions of success, I thought I'd share with you an inspiring piece of ear candy on just this topic. I hope that something in it helps inspire you to keep going with whatever it is you've chosen to pursue to keep being a better you. Let's keep working forward together!

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