The Courage to be Imperfect

It might surprise you to know that I, like many humans, have times when I feel like crap. Yesterday was one of those days, and honestly, I’m still not entirely over it. I’m not sharing this little tidbit with you for sympathy, though that is always embarrassingly comforting. Rather, I’m sharing my pathetic physical state with you as a wee exercise in vulnerability. You may notice that I tend towards the “I am a rock” side of things, which makes admitting feeling like poop pretty difficult at times. Imagine my surprise then when this very morning, as I was mulling over my options between “turd out - sleep it off” and “suck it up, sissy,” a dear friend of mine sent me a text out of the blue with a book recommendation that led me back to a TED Talk I had heard a while back on, wait for it… vulnerability. Sigh. Fine. Thanks, Sara.

So, rather than sucking it up and charging at my “planned” day, I’m taking it easy to take care of myself. I have a suspicion you won’t mind. As I put all the neat stuff I’m working on for us on the back burner just for today, I’ll share with you that sweet TED Talk I mentioned, and a link to the book, too. I haven’t got the book yet, but I have it on good authority that it’s worthwhile. In the meantime, I’ll be resting up to meet you in the yoga studio on Tuesday refreshed and rearing to go!