Yogafy Your Life: Wake Up

  You guys are awesome. Yeah, you! Last week I spiffied up my own Year by Design Worksheets hoping some of you would join me in measuring and growing by leaps and bounds this year. I am blown away by how many of you took the challenge and downloaded those worksheets! Thank you for grabbing the bull by the horns. It's incredibly hard to sit down, set goals, and take action. Not many people even attempt it. Even fewer follow through. Therefore, I'll say it again - you guys are awesome!

I know you're probably still working on those goals and action plans (ahem, I definitely am). I know that it can also seem overwhelming to stand before a mountain of dreams you've created for yourself and now have to embark upon the tough climb to the summit. Let's get started together on the right foot.

I want to share with you this week someone who has got me fired up about one of my goals for the year. His name is Hal Elrod and he is the author of "The Miracle Morning," all about what he believes to be the super special secret sauce that successful people all seem to share, and I just happen to agree with him. In a nutshell, the secret sauce is....drumroll please... Wake Up! To elaborate, if you wake up a little earlier than you have to every morning so that you can take some time for yourself, you'll naturally be more productive, successful, and stoked on life. Duh, right? Then why aren't most of us doing it?

The reality is, most of us don't wake up until we have to. Even worse, we probably hit the snooze button a few times, making ourselves late, and leading us to rush frantically to catch up with the day. Yet, as yogis we know that how we start our morning absolutely sets the tone for our day. This is precisely why we usually try to practice in the morning, right? And to practice in the morning, we usually have to get up a half hour to an hour earlier, at least, than we would otherwise. Ideally, I even like to take it a few steps beyond just doing yoga to include a whole regimen of the activities I love, because I'm a diversified kind of gal. Personally, this is a constant goal of mine on which I always have to work. I'm not naturally a "morning person." I've had to work myself in baby steps for years from a staunch night owl to now a, say, second-shift early bird.  By that I mean I'm hardly ever up at the crack of dawn yet on most mornings, but I'm not too far behind the sun on a good day. For example, this morning was epic and damn near perfect for me. It went like this:

  • Up at 5:30am
  • Make coffee, drink water and juice
  • One hour of yoga
  • 10 minutes of meditation and pranayama
  • Light breakfast
  • Pack up and go surf for an hour
  • Run for 20 minutes with my dog
  • Shower and start my work day

Hot-damn, that's good stuff! Does every morning look this sprawlingly amazing? That's a negative, Ghost Rider. In fact I'm coming off a monthlong holidays bender of waking up somewhere between 8-10am most mornings (what a turd!), leaving very little time for my personal development activities and not surprisingly leaving me feeling in a bit of a funk. That's why one of my highest priority goals this year is to make my "Miracle Morning" a reality as much as I possibly can. It ensures my mental and physical health are taken care of before I go getting on anyone else's agenda for the day. Beyond that, it sets me up to be at my best for all that other stuff I do, including that mountain of dreams I'm climbing. So, check out Hal's interview with Jaime Tardy below. Then, tell us in the comments below what you want to do for your own "Miracle Morning" to get started every day of this year on the right foot and keep your amazing momentum going all year long (note that Hal can do his morning in just 6 minutes!). We can all do this!