Yogafy Your Life: Expectations

How do you really feel about yourself? What expectation do you have of yourself? How about the people closesImage from mindfulperceptron.blogspot.comt to you? Those you work with?

You see, I have a saying I got from my teachers: “expectations are the root of all suffering.” I want to change that. I’m starting to understand that our expectations are also the root of all of our happiness, our joys, our accomplishments, and our victories. The expectations, the feelings we have about ourselves, the people in our lives, and indeed everything we encounter, shape and even make our reality.

So, I ask you again, how do you feel about yourself? What expectations do you have of yourself, and your world?

This is why we do any sort of personal development practice, of which yoga is just one example. It’s not about the physical act of the practice, or any of its surface details. It’s about utilizing the practice to get a good look at ourselves - an honest un-tinted view at how we treat ourselves and the people in our lives. The tough part is that when we finally start to see with some clarity, we probably won’t be happy with everything we discover there. And that’s ok. That’s actually the perfect moment. That is precisely when we have the opportunity to transform, to make the choice to become what we’ve always wanted to be. That’s when we got to consciously, intentionally shape our reality through the medium our expectations and our feelings.

Image from, take that information you’ve gathered about your own raw feelings toward yourself and your world, and choose just one thing for today as your focus. Choose one thing you’d either like to change or enhance. Make that one thing your intention for today. Give it your energy and your attention in a loving way (no force necessary). It’s in this way that, little by little, we’ll start to flip the equation so that our expectations stop feeding our suffering and start growing our world of happiness. 


Bonus: I’ve got two resources for you that are helping me tremendously with this concept of choosing our expectations and feelings to get along better in the world.

The first is a fun little podcast for when you’re on the go:

The second is a book for when you’re having some quiet time (I like this one in my Miracle Morning routine):