The 12th Day of MOJO

On the 12th day of MOJO my true love gave to Yoga for Surfers - Viloma with Jean Marie!

The more intelligent control we have over our breath, the more consciously we can move through our lives. Viloma, or 3 Part Breathing, is an excellent exercise for training our breath control and capacity. This breathing practice is foundational for everyone who wants to build that relationship with the breath, as well as train the mind to find calm while pushing our comfort zones, and even find aid in times of insomnia or scattered energy. As surfers, this exercise helps us find greater consciousness on the wave, more power and grace in our movements, and increased stamina and energy for more quality sessions.

Viloma translates to "against the grain" or "against the hair" and is called that because we go against the natural tendency of our breath to move continuously by introducing pauses at regular intervals. These pauses are called Kumbhakas, meaning "retentions" and can be as short or as long as is appropriate for your level of practice. In the beginning, as in this video, your retentions should be quite short, and as you become more skilled with the practice, your retentions will grow with you. Be careful to never push yourself to the point of anxiety, stress, or tension, and if you feel any of these, simply stop and resume normal breathing. Have fun with this exercise, and enjoy the rewards that come with greater breath control!

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20 Minutes
Props Needed: